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batch lot number date code industrial inkjet printer for food bag/egg

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== Product Information 

It adopt 4.3 inch touch screen display and HP printing head, can solvent normal inkjet coder printing head blocking problem, no need do printing head clean, that can save using cost; another printing lines reach to 8 lines.

 1. It can print frontwards, upwards, downwards in 360 degree. 

 2. The battery standby time can reach as long as 20 hours.

 3. It can print 1-8 lines characters. It can print both big and small characters,

 4. This printer can be operated independently without connection of computer.

 5. Long Lasting Battery:10 hours of continuous printing with more than 200,000 characters.

 6. The printer has a unique subsection function. Namely, one message can be printed by

multiplerows, which solves the problem of the maximumprinting height of reaching 12.7mm for every row.

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