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Semi auto flat bottle/flat box labeling machine

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== Product Information 

1. Basic use:

 suitable for flattened flat shape of the product, with the suction method to complete, such as: cosmetics flat bottles, packaging, plastic cover, and so on.

by changing the labeling institutions, you can also paste the uneven surface of the label, such as: concave plane, circular surface, and so on.

2. Applicable scope

Applicable labels: stickers labels, stickers film, electronic monitoring code, bar code;

Applicable products: requirements in the plane, arc, circumferential, concave, convex or other surface attached to the label of the product;

Application industry: widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, cosmetic, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries;

3. Operation:

Put bottle into the mold --- press the foot switch---labeling cylinder to push the tip down ---come out one piece of label - sucker tightly suck the label --- labeling ---- the tip hold down the label which has been pasted --- remove the bottle.

4. There are manual and automatic two kinds of labeling control method, workers can choose according to your need, use the sensor or foot switch to achieve the control of the labeling; set manual, automatic control button, the length can be arbitrarily adjustable;

Optional features and components: hot code / inkjet printing function; automatic feeding function; automatic feeding function (combined with product considerations); special label electric eye. Hot code (ribbon coding machine) (standard content: the production date, valid until the product batch number)

== Technical Data 



Working speed 

20-30 bottles/min

Label size 

L:15-100mm W:15-110mm

Labeling Accuracy


Suitable bottle size

L:20-200mm W: 20-150mm (can customized)

Suitable bottle diameter


Applicable label outside diameter

Ø 240mm


220V 50HZ



Machine size


== Product Show 

==Labeling effect 

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