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Dough mixing machine/dough mixer

Dough mixing machine/dough mixer

I.Product Information 

The Dough mixer to process cereal flour dough and pastries for pizza houses, bakeries and pastries. This machine is automatic and electric, you just need to put the water and the flour into it, and then turn on the power, after a few minutes, you can get the dough you need. The efficiency of this dough mixer is quite high; 15-150kg flour can be made into dough just in ten minutes.

It widely used in restaurant, bakery, etc. Dough mixer is used to mix flour and water, sometime add some oil and sugar making bread or noodles. It help human beings to reduce labor, increase efficiency, and bring cleaner environment.
Features of  dough mixing machine/dough mixer
1.This dough kneading machine is applied to use for mixing the flour to dough
2.This series dough kneader machine adopts gear transmission, simple and compact structure , easy to operate, need not complex maintenance and long service life etc.
3.The flour hopper adopt stainless steel materials and special surface treatment,absolute conform to the hygiene standards.
4. Simple operation,safe and health.
5. Save work ,high efficiency ,it can reduce the labor intensity.
6. The best choice for high output requirements .

II.Technical Data

III.Product Show 

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