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Mutil functional rubber/scrap metal crusher crushing machine

Mutil functional rubber/scrap metal crusher crushing machine

I.Product Information

1.Crushing machine has wide application and is used for low hardness rock and wasted plastic ,recycling various plastics drink bottles and fodder, Chinese herbal medicine and so on.

2.The crushing machine adopts famous brand with precise manufacturing and is ultra solid and durable, especially, ultra-silence and is capable of easily crushing various plastic drink bottles and oil bottles, low hardness rock, etc

3.Combine front and rear noise isolating design with extremely low noise.

4.Concise design with ultra small occupation and easy maintenance.

5.Door hinge type separated design, easy for cleaning.

6.Adopt electric control safety design, motor is installed with overload protective and power supply interlock protective device for protecting the motor, cutter and operator.

7.Mature manufacturing technique, main parts such as machine body and cutter frame adopt integrated processing for assuring high precision

II.Technical Data 

III.Product Show 

IV.Wide application :ore,branches,plastic,woods etc

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