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Soya milk making machine

Soya milk making machine

I.Product Information 

Machine working principle:

The defibrination machine separated the coarse screenings ejects of soaked soybean. The separated soya-bean milk will produce steam from its steam bag and deodorization, emulsify in high temperature situation. Finally making fresh Soy milk protoplasm.

Machine Characteristic:

1. This machine is made of stainless steel, solid and durable. Suitable for food hygienic standard

2. This machine is with simple operation, convenient cleaning, stable performance. High efficiency.

3. Can setting up the temperature of Boiled milk

4. Gas-fired soybean milk machine is installed extract system.

5. suitable for food processing factory, food distribution center, large scale catering industry, and large scale canteens.

II.Technical Data 


Description of Goods




Pressure of cooker


Stainless steel soymilk machine




40 KPa

Gas: liquefied petroleum gas; gas pressure: 2800Pa.(low pressure); Consumption 1KG/h

Material: Soybean 4-5KG, Sugar 2-3KG

III.Product Show 

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