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Automatic flat bottle labeling machine

Automatic flat bottle labeling machine

I.Product Information 

Function character:

1.It adopts standard PLC,  touch screen, standard sensor electronic control system, human-computer interface in Chinese and English notes and improve the function of fault tips, 

thus guaranteeing accurate labeling, stable, reliable and high efficiency.

2.Operational guidance functions, troubleshooting instructions; easy to use and easy maintenance;

no product non-labeling, non-sticker auto correction and automatic detection function ;

3.With system check function: labels lacking or broken, leaving out, e-stop, abnormal frequency-conversion, typewriter ribbon lacking, it can detect all & then stops auto.

4.Also can match with batch coder or printer coder function.

5.The self-check function, can display all system photoelectric signals & motor, shorten repair time, reduce maintenance cost.
6.With step less speed control, labeling speed automatically changes according to conveying speed, no need to move labeling sensor.
Made of SUS304 & alumni alloy, totally meeting GMP requirements.

II.Technical Data 



Working speed 


Label size 

L:20-300mm W: 10-90mm



Max label outer diameter


Max label inner diameter



110V/220 50/60HZ 500W 

Machine size 



110V/220 50/60HZ 500W

III.Suitable for flat bottle labeling automatically

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