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Automatic peanut butter/tomato/chili sauce filling capping machine

Automatic peanut butter/tomato/chili sauce filling capping machine

I. Product Information 

Device Introduction

 Full automatic straight line type 4 rotary tomato sauce filling capping machine, is the use of PLC optical fiber sensor and electronic control, automatic filling automatic sorting - automatic rotary capping. Bottle filling. Stop filling no bottle. And a counting function. The output of the month - day record down.

The device with machine labeling machine line. Line 4 head filling machine this machine is used to sneak into the filling machine, filling head automatic filling into the bottle slowly increased, so that the liquid does not overflow, no bubble, after filling the bottle cap automatic Gary messy irregular, ordered automatic hanging on the bottle, then screw capping lid - will automatically enter the next procedure. The device is applicable to liquid filling equipment. The surface of 304 stainless steel, easy to clean. No dead, fully meet the requirements of the national standard GMP

II. Technical Data 


 8 nozzles fillling capping machine 







Production speed


Air pressure


Filling nozzles


Machine size


Note:Contact with materials are made of 304 stainless steel 

 We can customize as your filing volume and capacity 

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