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Semi auto flat surface plastic bottle sticker labeling machine

Semi auto flat surface plastic bottle sticker labeling machine

I. Product Information 


1. Exclusively used for products with irregular shapes and applicable to many standards of bottles and lids, carton box etc

2. Dynamic synchronous tension control supplies labels stably and quickly to ensure the label-feeding speed and the labeling accuracy;

3. Label synchronous location mechanism ensures locating accuracy of labels up to plus or minus 0.5 mm;

4. Convenient to use with a customized mould for clients;

5. Distance-stripped of labels is calculated automatically by microcomputer cooperated with photoelectricity according to the length and the photoelectricity location don’t need to be adjusted;

6. Operated smoothly and produces safely with a pedal emergency stop switch;

7.High precision with label position.

8.All stainless steel and aluminum alloy construction.

 9.The position of labeler head is adjustable, up and down, forward and back.

10.Solid ink date coder optional

II. Technical Data 

III.Product Show 

Suitable for flat surface labeling 


IV. Different series of labeling machine 

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