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Tabletop self-adhesive labeling machine for plastic bottles/cans

Tabletop self-adhesive labeling machine for plastic bottles/cans

I. Product Information 

1, Round bottle, round cans, cylindrical sticker labeling

2, Applies to PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, round bottle labeling

3, Widely used in cosmetics, beverages, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, and greatly improve the productivity and quality of labeling

 Equipment advantages:

1. A wide range of application, to meet the 10-150mm diameter range of cylinder labeling

2. Labeling accuracy is high, the tag end to end local deviation ≤ ± 0.5mm

3. Clever extrusion device material, simply put the workpiece, and auto-complete labeling

4. Card position adjustment, simple the different workpiece labeling switch

5. Timing belt traction, greatly improving the mechanical stability

6. Desktop design, lean, compact, powerful

7. After anodized aluminum bracket and advanced computer white electric box, nice

8. Advanced electric eye, objects, high tag detection sensitivity.

II. Technical Data 


MT-50 ball pen labeling machine

Labeling precision

less than 0.5mm


25-50 piece/minutes

The size of work-piece

10-150 mm in diameter

Tag width

8-150 mm

Tag length

15-315 mm

Power supply

220 V 50 HZ

The motor power

120 w

Machine size

650 x 450 x 450 mm


25 kg

III. Product Show 

Suitable for round bottle labeling 

III. Different series of labeling machine 

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