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Aluminum wine bottle screw capping machine for ropp cap

Aluminum wine bottle screw capping machine for ropp cap

I. Product Information 

1). This machine apply to all kinds of glass bottle, metal security cap, EZO, aluminum blocks and nozzle of the sealed cover, pressure thread etc.

2). Ropp capping machine is suitable for alcohol, chemical industry, medicine and cosmetics etc industry.

3). This machine has the function of sealing and making the screw thread.

4). Capping diameter and height can be adjusted as bottle and cap size.

5) The capping heads : the two for capping mouth, the other for capping cap thread 

II. Technical Data 



Capping speed



220V/110V  50Hz/60Hz (voltage can be customized as different area)

 Height of bottle


The clutch torque is adjustable

Capping scope


Height of cap 


Host weight


Machine size 


III. Product Show 

IV. Different types of capping machine 

V. Suitable for aluminum screw bottles capping 

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