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Stainless steel tea leaves/dates/mushroom dryer machine

Stainless steel tea leaves/dates/mushroom dryer machine

I. Product Information 

1. Tea leaves dryer is used to dry vegetables, fruit, seafood, mushroom, pharmaceutical, chemical, medicine etc.

2. Far infrared baking temperature control: infrared tube it saves vitamins, minerals, proteins and etc and infrared heating tube can reduce the wastage of the trace element

3. Adopt air convection, the cooling principle of negative pressure ventilation. The hot gas has been discharged quickly Antihypertensive effect of ventilation reach up 90%-97% is made of SUS304 material

5.For oven for drying for fish , it is with air circulating in the oven, it is energy-efficient.

6. Low noise, balanced running, controlled temperature, easy installation are its features.

7. Using forced ventilation, equipping with adjustable air divider plate, uniform drying. Heat source can be steam, hot water, electricity, far infrared for 10 to 200kg industry food dry.

II. Techncial Data 

III. Product Show 

drying tray 

IV.Different materials of dryer machine 

V. Drying effect 

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