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Ultrasonic plastic laminated soft tube sealer machine with cutting function

Ultrasonic plastic laminated soft tube sealer machine with cutting function

I. Product Information

 1. Description

  Ultrasonic plastic tube sealing machine is suitable for toothpaste, cosmetics, medicines, food industrial supply etc. it is suitable for plastic tubes, composite tubes, PE tubes etc

2 .Main features

1. This machine is sealed by ultrasonic, fast and nice looking

2. With horizontal aluminum alloy structure ,machine body made of stainless steel, meet with GMP requirement

3. It adopts Taiwan cassette mechanism and circuit lines, using famous brand of ultrasonic parts.

4. Machine can be PLC control, simple operation and parameters setting

5. Machine with mark searching function, more precise sealing

6. Main parts adopt imported components, Japan and Taiwan

7. Pneumatic type machine with longer service life .

8. Can seal all plastic soft tube with date printing and sealing cutting function

9.Two dimensional adjustment of work piece platform, it is easy to operate.

10.Items can be sealed vertically or horizontally, heating and cutting can turn in 120℃

II. Technical Data 




220V 50Hz/60Hz





Seal tube diameter

5-80mm (can customize)

Tube Height

0~300mm(can customize)

Machine size




III. Product Show 

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