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Semi auto masala/milk/wheat powder packing machine with feeder

Semi auto masala/milk/wheat powder packing machine with feeder

I. Product Information 

Masala powder packing machine can be used to pack different powder materials such as milk powder, starch, pesticide, veterinary drug, gunk, additive, condiment, feed etc.

This series masala powder packing machine is mainly used to pack separately powder materials, its run by stepping motor, matched with single chip controller and electronic scale accurate fix quantitative, go through photoelectric switch, adopt screw type fast feeding, can be applied to pack the powder with some mobility.


1. This machine can be applied to pack powder into bags, cans, bottles etc. different packaging container.

2. Its integrated with machine, electronic, light, instrument with auto quantitative, auto error correction etc. 
3. Adopt screw feeding, electric technology, stepping motor and electric scale technology.
4. One packaging machine can pack between 5-5000g by adjusting electronic scale keyboard and change different standard feeding screw.
5. It can auto correct error by the raw materials specific gravity and level’s difference.
Photo switch control and only need labor to cap bag, easy sealed.
6. Adopt stainless steel, easy cleaning and in accordance with GMP.

7. High precision filling by auger feeding 

8.All contacting materials parts made of 304 stainless steel .

II. Technical Data 

weight filling machine 




AC380V 900W

Packaging Accuracy


Packing specification

5g-5000g(adjust the parts inside the machine)

Packing speed

1500-2500 bags/h




280 kg

screw feeder 




 AC 380V 

1500w screw motor, vibration motor 200w

(220v voltage can be customized)

Lifting capacity


Feeding height

1600 mm (can be customized)

Container volume

120 L

The screw diameter

110 mm

Feed tube diameter

115 mm


860 * 755 * 840 mm


150 kg

III. Product Show 

IV.Different series of powder packing machine 

V.Suitable for powder packing 

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