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Pneumatic tomato sauce/syrup/cream filler machine

Pneumatic tomato sauce/syrup/cream filler machine

I.Product Information

(1) This tomato sauce filler is suitable for liquid and paste products such as chili sauce, tomato sauce, honey, cream, juice and drinks etc the quantitative filling which widely used in food & cosmetic field.

(2) Filling volume and the filling speed all can be arbitrarily regulated, with manual and automatic filling function, high precision, simple structure, convenient operation.

(3)The tomato sauce filler, all connect material parts made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, pneumatic parts are imported pneumatic components,AirTAC cylinder and meet the requirements of GMP.

(4) It is pneumatic type and work by air compressor as power which is quite stable.

(5) Its seal is very good by sealing ring. will not cause material leakage.

(6) Volumetric pump, so filling volume is adjustable and controllable.

(7) Also can add mixer and heating device on the machine according to different customer requests.

8.Our engineer design different types for different filling ranges, high precision quantitative filling. 

II. Technical parameter 




220V 50/60Hz

Air pressure

0.4-0.6 MPa

Hopper volume

30L 50L

Filling range

5-100ml, 20-300ml 20-500ml,50-500ml,

100-1000ml, 300-2000ml,500-3000ml,1000-5000ml

Filling precision

error ≤± 1%

Filling speed 

0-50 bottles / min


35KG(20-500ml type )



III.Suitable for paste liquid filling 

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