Automatic tomato sauce/peanut sauce/chili oil packing machine

Automatic tomato sauce/peanut sauce/chili oil packing machine


I. Product Information 

This machine is suitable for automatic packaging of liquid of foods, medicine and chemicals,such as pesticide,shampoo,body foam bath lotion, facial cream, ingredient oil,fruit sauce,tomato ketchup and honey shower gel, skin lotion, toothpaste, cosmetic cream, fruit jam, edible oil, soy etc


Driven by a cylinder and piston made from materials with one-way valves control the flow of materials, and magnetic reed switch control cylinder itinerary can be regulated filling volume.
· Rational design of the aircraft, model compact, easy to operate, are used pneumatic part of Germany and Taiwan AirTac FESTO the pneumatic components.
· Made of 304ss,Some contact materials are used 316 L stainless steel materials, in line with the GMP requirements.
· Filling volume and speed of filling can be arbitrary regulation, high accuracy filling .
Used by industries in the Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Agricultural, Animal Care, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical fields.And it is an ideal device for low viscosity fluid and liquid filling.

1. Stainless Steel Body machine
2. Rugged Rotary Valve System Design
3. Pneumatic piston filling
4. Piston Feed Speed Adjustable
5. anti-drip and filling head place and height adjustable
6. High Filling Accuracy (+/- 1%)
7. Very Easy to Clean and Maintenance
8. Food grade Stainless Steel.
9. Very Easy to Operate
10. Easy to assemble/disassemble Pneumatic parts.

II. Structure  of automatic tomato sauce packing machine 

III. Packing effect (3 sides seal, back seal and  stick seal)


We can customize as packing volume and the bag size you require.

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