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Customized flavouring/spice/tea granular packing machine

Customized flavouring/spice/tea granular packing machine

I. Product Information  

This machine is suitable for tea, powder, granules , parts etc automatically packing.

With the micro-computer control system,the tea pouch packaging machine could adjust the heating temperature, set the bag length and run the film automatically.

The tea leaf weighing machine work together with the bag forming  machine, speed up the packaging, labor saving.


1.Can finish the function of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing cutting and printing .

2. With intelligent photoelectric controller system. high precision and high speed working.

3. Controller adopts Chinese or English displaying, can see the working conditions directly

4. Heating sealer with 4 sides of heating control, each sealing side temperature can be adjusted separately with good heat-balance to ensure the seal in good quality.

5. With intelligent photoelectric controller system.

6. Metering screw is driven by step motor, so that can get higher repeat precision

7.This machine is suitable for the packing of granule products, bag can choose from 3-side back seal or 4-side seal according to customer needs.

8. Ribbon printer is available according to customer needs, which can print one to three lines letter, date of produce and batch number.

9. Automatic packing machine can match with filter cotton paper, plastic bag,nonwoven fabric ,compound and aluminum foil bag.

10.automatic packing machine sealing type : back sealing, three side sealing

II. Technical Data 

weight filling unit 







Packing weight

1-100g (over 100g we can customize)

Working speed

10-30time/min(speed depends on material)

Packing precision


Machine size




automatic bag packing unit 




220V/50Hz(we can customize)

Max power


Packing speed


Bag length

40-100mm (can adjust)

Machine size




1.Sealing type: back seal, 3 side seal , stick bag seal

2.Suitable roll films: POF film, aluminum plastic film, filter cotton paper, nonwoven fabric cloth, aluminum foil film etc

3.Film width decides bag maker size. We usually equip suitable bag maker as film width.

  Bag making length is adjustable.

III. Structure of automatic flavouring packing machine 

IV. Differents of films packing machine: aluminum foil films,composite films, filter cotton paper etc 

This machine can do 3 sides seal, back seal and stick seal 

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