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Automatic food tray/plastic container/lunch box sealer machine

Automatic food tray/plastic container/lunch box sealer machine

I. Product Information

Automatic food tray sealer machine  are suitable for yogurt, soybean milk, juice ,bubble tea ,pudding etc beverage and food industry or small shop . 

For the bowl-shaped and box-shaped(long box, square box) we can also customize for you as your size.

1.This product is very advanced microcomputer control system, if there are any failures, can be automatically checked.

2.Automatic cursor tracking, film rolling, printing and sealing once complete .

3. It is suitable for sealing a variety of materials: PP / PE/PET  and easy to tear the film.

4. With very advanced design security door, automatic top-cup design for a variety of open-cup deep.

5.Pilot Pin design effectively avoids the cutter destroying caused by incorrect operation and improve the use life greatly.

6.Small volume, light weight, convenient to carry, and saving time, labor and electricity, all of these features make the machine very popular in the food shop. 

7.Machine body made of stainless steel and we can customize mold according to your cup size.

8. Automatic ,semi-automatic  and manual differences :

 semi-automatic food tray sealer machine  :it can do film rolling, cursor tracking automatically and cup sealing manually.

 manual food tray sealer machine  : it can do film rolling and tray sealing manually without cursor


 Automatic food tray sealer machine : it can do film rolling, tray sealing with cursor tracking automatically 

II. Technical Data 



Operating mode



110V 60HZ/220V 50HZ


530 W


500-700 cups/Hour


53 Kgs

Dimension (mm)


III. Product Show 


IV. Different types of food tray sealer machine 

     We can customize different molds of sealer machine. 

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